Retail Ireland and EuroCommerce - the voice of retail across Europe

Retail Ireland is proud to be the only Irish member of EuroCommerce, the leading pan-European trade association and representation body for the retail industry.

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Brussels, EuroCommerce represents the retail, wholesale and international trade sectors across Europe. Its membership includes trade associations from 31 countries, specific sector groups and a number of individual companies.

The organisation works to:
  • promote the visibility and defend the interests of retail in the European Institutions, ensuring that the European authorities understand and afford proper consideration to the concerns and realities of the sector when generating policy and making laws;
  • raise awareness among stakeholders and decision makers of the importance of retail to Europe's economy and society;
  • advocate for an improvement in the quality of legislation so as to reduce costs and uncertainties for businesses and shape a more comfortable regulatory landscape and positive business environment for European retailers;
  • keep members informed of EU developments impacting on the daily realities of doing business as a retailer in Europe.

Through our close cooperation with EuroCommerce, Retail Ireland members benefit from unique insights on European Affairs and the likely impact of policy and legislative developments on the Irish retail sector. There is also a real opportunity for our members to contribute to shaping Europe's retail agenda.

For more information, please contact us or visit EuroCommerce online via this link.