Shaping the Future of Irish Retail 2020

Shaping the Future of Irish Retail 2020 – a strategy for Irish retail 2017-2020 clearly lays out a range of objectives and focus areas for the sector over the coming years under its four main pillars; competitiveness, confidence, careers and community. Retail Ireland is committed to realising the ambition contained within this document, and to that end we have begun drawing up a series of campaigns focused on each of the aforementioned pillars.

Our first campaign, which commenced in June 2017, is centred on the competitiveness of the retail sector, with the three primary areas of focus including commercial rates, insurance costs and the impact of Brexit on the sector's competitiveness.

Tackling the Rates Burden outlines how commercial rates are a form of local taxation on business and are affecting Ireland’s competitiveness and negatively impacting upon town centre regeneration. Retail Ireland would like to see an overhaul of our antiquated commercial rates system through the introduction of a Valuation Bill by the end of 2017 and a redoubling of efforts by central government to progress local government reform.

Retail Ireland's Budget 2018 Submission identifies ten key proposals for Budget 2018. They are:

1. Reduce the burden of consumer taxes
2. Continue to ease the tax burden on Irish consumers
3. Incentivise job creation
4. Impose no new costs on retailers
5. Extend the Home Renovation Scheme
6. Focused funding for retail sector
7. Incentivise e-commerce investment
8. Invest in infrastructure & Brexit alleviation measures
9. Additional funding for village & town centre renewal
10. Education & skills supports
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