Supply Chain Relations

Retail Ireland is proud to support the European Supply Chain Initiative, a joint initiative launched by 7 European trade associations (including our partners, EuroCommerce) with the aim to ensure fairness in commercial relationships within the food supply chain.

The 7 EU level associations involved in this Initiative represent the food and drink industry (FoodDrinkEurope), the branded goods manufacturers (AIM), the retail sector (the European Retail Round Table (ERRT), EuroCommerce, EuroCoop and UGAL), and agricultural traders (CELCAA).

The principles are simple and common sense;
      - That all agreements should be in writing.
      - That unilateral change to contract terms shall not take place unless such a possibility has been agreed in advance.
      - That all agreements are complied with.
      - That information is exchanged in strict compliance with competition law.
      - That all contracting parties in the supply chain should bear their own appropriate entrepreneurial risk.
      - That there shall be no application of threats in order to obtain an unjustified advantage or transfer an unjustified cost.

After 2 years of planning and intense negotiations between retailers and supplier groups, the initiative was formally launched in September 2013. A formal framework for the implementation of the principles has also been established and a special website, has been launched to allow companies to demonstrate their commitment and compliance.

This initiative, with the backing of retailer and supplier groups in Ireland and throughout Europe, ensures fairness without imposing huge costs on either party and is an effective "win-win" agreement.

For further information, please visit the Initiative's comprehensive website here.