Retail Ireland Childrenswear Guidelines

Retail Ireland members recognise their responsibility to provide age-appropriate children's clothing designs and market these to parents in ways that protect childhood and safeguard the interest of children. For this reason, Retail Ireland has published new guidelines that provide extra reassurance for parents that retailers are just as concerned as they are about what their children wear.

Key points in the guidelines include
  • Slogans and imagery must be age appropriate and not sexually suggestive, demeaning or derogative.
  • The choice of fabrics and cut in childrenswear should provide for modesty.
  • Great care should be shown when it comes to the design of children's underwear, to differentiate it from adult lingerie.
  • Swimwear should provide for modesty, and should be age appropriate.
  • Footwear for everyday use should provide a stable, supporting shoe with a heel pitch (angle of foot) of generally not more than 2.5 cm or one inch.
  • Colour ranges should be age-appropriate and suitable for the item of clothing.
  • The marketing of childrenswear should be targeted at adult purchasers, not children.
  • The use of child models is only appropriate within defined parameters.

Retail Ireland will regularly bring together all signatories to the guidelines to discuss implementation. Every quarter, individual retailers will report any feedback or complaints to Retail Ireland, which will provide an annual report on progress to the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.

Feedback and complaints can be dealt with in-store or by contacting